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Pandit Hari Sharma Hari Sharma - Consultant
Hari Sharma, an MBA, is Jyotish Acharya and from a family of Astrologer’s

He matured his astrology skills and learnt finer techniques on Predictive and Horary Astrology under the guidance of renowned & famous Traditional & Horary Astrologer Pandit J.N. Sharma and Sh. K.R. Chari apart from his father. He also studied Sanskrit and Vedic rituals from Sanskrit Academy.

He has presented Research papers on Astrology in various Seminars’ related to Astrology.

Currently he has clients from all walks of life. His clientele includes Students, Senior Executive’s from MNC’s, Entrepreneurs, Diplomats and Foreign Residents etc among others since 1991.

He teaches Astrology but still considers himself a research student of Astrology and has vowed to carry out research, teach & offer consultancy in Astrology.
Horary Astrology or Prashna Shastra is the most powerful & useful branch of Astrology which can answers such Queries, which cannot be answered in Horoscopy or Natal Astrology, for example: Whether I will marry with my love, Or Whether I will get my lost car.
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