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You can ask horary questions about:

  1. Relationships
  2. Job / Career
  3. Moving (Job related / Re-located)
  4. Finance / Business Related
  5. Health Condition / Disease
  6. Lost Article
  7. Education
  8. Missing person
  9. Legal Case
  10. Buying or selling a house
  11. A desired wish
  12. Corporate Questions
  1. Relationships
    • Will I marry my beloved?
    • Is my husband happy in our marriage?
    • Will I have long term relationship with the person I am dating?
    • Is my wife/husband deceiving me?
    • Does my wife / Husband loves me?
    • Will we stay together?
    • Will he / she marry me?
    • Does she have serious relationship with me?
    • Will we get back together?
  2. Job / Career
    • I am going for Interview, will I get this job?
    • Will I find a better job, I am trying for?
    • I want to change the job, will it be better to change now?
    • Will I be satisfied in my new job?
    • Whether I will get a Promotion?
    • Will I successful by working in Friends firm?
    • Will my husband get a raise?
    • Whether my current Boss continues to cause trouble to me in my new position?
    • What will be my interview Result?
    • Is coming summer will be good to find a job?
    • Am I going to lose my job?
  3. Moving (Job related / Re-located)
    • Will I be able to go abroad for a Job?
    • Will I change my job in near future to a new location?
    • I am trying to go out of Country, will it be through?
    • Will I be able to relocate my job to a new Town, I have in mind?
  4. Finance / Business Related
    • Whether in coming year, I will make more money?
    • Will my income increase in near future?
    • I am launching a Book. Will my book be a hit?
    • We want to buy new business, will it be through?
    • I am going to start a new business, will it be fruitful or not?
    • Shall I change the Business to a new business for betterment?
    • Trying to Setup a New Company, Is now the time to get benefit?
    • Will I get benefit in signing a Contract?
    • Whether the buying of property will benefit me?
    • Should I invest in the business, I have in mind for benefit?
  5. Health Condition / Disease
    • Will my wife become healthy?
    • Whether the patient will be all right soon?
    • How is the condition of the patient?
    • Doctor advised to go for operation, whether it will be successful?
    • Is my Aunts health going to improve?
    • I am not well, when will I fell better?
  6. Lost / Missing Article
    • My watch is lost, will I get it?
    • My bracelet is lost will I get it back?
    • My documents file is lost, possibility of getting it back?
    • My passport is lost, will I get it back
    • My property related documents are lost will I get it back?.
    • My Car keys are misplaced, will I get them?
  7. Education
    • Will I be admitted to university for higher Studies?
    • Will I pass my pending subject in the exam?
    • Will I pass my exams?
    • Will I be allowed to retake my failed modules this September and continue my studies?
  8. Missing person
    • My Daughter has left home, when will she return back?
    • My son has gone somewhere, will he be back , if yes , when
    • My wife has left, will she be back?, if yes, When?
  9. Legal Case
    • Will my husband be free from punishment?
    • Whether the Court Case be in our favour?
    • Whether I will get punishment, in the court case, I am fighting?
  10. Buying or selling a house
    • will I be able to sell the house?
    • Is the price too high for a property deal I am trying to clinch?
    • Whether the buying of property will benefit me?
  11. A desired wish
    • Who will win my team or other team?
    • Will I get another Baby?
    • Will I full fill my dreams?
    • Whether the thing will be done, which I have thought of?
    • Will I be lucky in gambling in the near future?
    • Will I win the bet?
    • Will I be invited for a Role in the movie?
    • Will I get benefit in signing a Contract, in discussion?
    • My son wants to become pilot, will he be through in entrance?
  12. Corporate Questions
    • Whether our New Product launch will be successful?
    • Whether the Expansion Plan, we are planning will be successful?
    • The Plant has developed major problem, when will it be over?
    • We are facing manpower/ labour problem will it be over soon?
    • We want to carry out a Foreign tip up as partner– will it be fruitful?
    • We are seeking Loan from Banker – will it be through soon?
    • We are facing Financial Crunch, whether we will be able to overcome this Whether the Court Case be in our favour?
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